April 2020

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

Main Application Window:

  • Fixed Buy Now link to go to p3software.com/sales
  • Fixed display of Distributor branding buttons.

Job Manager: Flexi-Spec Templates:

  • Fixed empty Flexi-Spec templates list when in data-metering mode.
  • P3FileBank: Consolidated queries for Bids Files into a single Job or RateCard query.
  • Job Specification: Flexi-Spec and Notes sections:
    • Adjusted Labels-Column to top-align with the top of large text blocks.

Enterprise Settings:

  • File Locks: Fixed display of lock creation time data.

Send Email Window:

  • System now “remembers” users selection on the “CC me” check box.

Emails Messages:

  • Job Orders & General emails:
    • Fixed right-aligned text in specifications and other sections.
  • RFQ emails: Fixed minor table nesting issue.

General Infrastructure:

  • Sending Data Table Updates:
    • Improved error/retry messaging,
    • Added automatic-retry before failing,
    • Added option to run updates in background where appropriate.
  • XML Parser:
    • Improved screening and error-handling for invalid characters.
    • Improved parsing logic and end of content detection.
    • Simplified and clarified new-line character substitution option used for HTML rendering.

February 2020

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

Data Tables: Loading Failures:

  • Added retry/continue/shutdown option to handle error.

Help Pages:

  • Fixed page links several places in Detail Specifications windows.

Tax Rate Table Refactoring:

  • Eliminated creation of duplicate 0.0% rates.
  • Fixed sync of QBOL rates

Send Email Refactoring:

  • Job Award: Handles "no recipients" condition for Bids Declined without Exception pop-up.
  • Support Email: Eliminated attachments Exception problem.
  • Limited size of error messages logged into history, was causing corruption in files due to excessive size.

Job Numbering: Refactoring:

  • Fixed Issues with file locking during editing process.
  • Simplified API by separating tasks into separate methods.
  • Changed data file format to use XML storage.
  • Added Legacy to XML format migration process.

Enterprise Settings: Option List Editor:

  • Fixed issue where items could have duplicate indexes, which caused erratic behavior.

September 2019

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

Tax Rate Selector:

  • Adjusted to sort Tax Rates numerically.
  • Adjusted to eliminate duplicate Tax Rates.

Copy Job Process:

  • Job Dates (Bids, Art, Proofs & Delivery) now get reset to anticipated when Jobs are copied.

Project Proposal Item Editor:

  • Revised text in Margin/Markup change pop-up to indicate the change affects all projects.
  • Fixed bug: If User cannot change Margin/Markup setting, hides the button for that function.

January 2019

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Email Attachments:

    • Added wait cursor when uploading file attachments.
    • Added Progress text below attachment button when large files are attached.
    • Added pop-up warning if the Transaction PDF document fails to attach when opening the Send Email window.
  • Job Bid Report:

    • Switched default Supplier selection to "All Suppliers" instead of "Do Not Show Bid Information".
    • Fixed problem with bid file attachment link URLS.
  • Job Order Window:

    • When Authorizing Orders, the Order Date will only be set if it is empty.
  • Job Award/Decline Process:

    • Added option to skip Bids Declined emails for Suppliers that did not respond to the RFQ.
  • Enterprise Settings Window:

    • Fixed problem where using the Cancel button to close the window left the Enterprise settings file in a locked state.
  • Project Manager Window:

    • Fixed problem where Sales Reps were not being set when a new Customer is selected.

November 2018

New Features

  • Optional File Attachment System added:

    • Provides an Attachments list to: Jobs, Projects and RateCards.
    • Tracks all Files sent with P3Source email messages.
    • Allows upload and storage of files as "Attachments".
    • Allows insertion of an Image file into Proposal Line Items.
    • Monitors all access to file Attachments.
    • Enables annotation of Attachments.
    • Enables user to set Attachment Access levels: Open (default), Monitored, Restricted.
  • Job Cancellation email message option added to the Job Completion pop-up that appears when the Cancelled Job Status is selected.

Cancel Job Email Option

  • Consolidated Job Award Pop-Ups into a single dialog.

Job Award Window

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Job Manager Window:

    • Fixed "Add Customer" button action to add the Customer properly.
    • Made Currency label wider to accommodate longer currency descriptions.
    • Made Job Owner label font bigger and bolder, repositioned label to the right.
    • Fixed problem Awarding Jobs when no Customer was selected (Only happened when Customer Business Rules were turned on).
    • Add Cost Break-Out: Fixed problem where the Label text provided by the user was disappearing.
    • Job Ticket: Multi-Item specs: Added option to show Specs for only the Ordered Items on the Job Ticket.
    • Custom Job Status Levels: Fixed issue where extra space at the end of the label caused problems selecting the Status Level.
  • Send Email Window:

    • Replaced email TO and CC controls with new Email Address List control.
    • Send Email Window: Modified file attachments panel to upload and link files rather than attaching them.
      • File size limit now 50MB per file.
      • Attached Files get archived with Jobs, Projects and RateCards.
    • Adjusted Email message layout to show User's text Message and Attachments above formal documents in messages.
    • Fixed issue where Job Award email CC addresses were not getting included on the email message.

Send Email Window

  • Project: Invoice Items: Adjusted Items to default to "Do Not Show", unless they have a non-zero quantity or amount.

  • RateCard: Fixed issue in the Create Proposal workflow process.

  • Document Preview: Adjusted print/page settings to force "Portrait" orientation for most documents. (Previously used Printer default setting.)

October 2018

  • Job Manager:

    • Paper Specifications: Fixed bug in international paper weight selector.
    • Flexi-Spec Templates: Fixed issues that occurred when no templates were present
    • Detailed-Spec Panel: Fixed issue with section displays getting truncated.
    • Ordering: Added PressWise Integration features.
    • Ordering: Items Table: Fixed issue with row height adjustments for long descriptions.
    • Ordering: Fixed issues with deleting and inserting new lines.
  • Email Window: Fixed View Document button.

  • Document Preview: Added additional error trapping and reliability features.

  • Project Manager: Fixed issue saving status updates after sending emails.

  • Data Export Functions:

    • Export System: Added Project-Jobs Export capability.
    • Export Window: Added additional data filtering control.
    • Export Window: Added Filter Setting storage between usages.
    • Export Window: Removed Filter Type Control.

July-August 2018

  • Project Manager:

    • Fixed ownership check issue where users could not open Projects in certain circumstances.
    • Fixed Status Change reminder to pop-up after sending email.
    • Improved Email error handling when no Customer is selected on Project.
  • Job Manager:

    • Ordering: QuickBooks: Fixed issue where QB Items List was not populating.
    • Cost Report: Fixed issue where single line Supplier invoices were not showing on report.
    • Cost Break-Outs: Fixed update of labels after change in Job Currency symbol.
    • Job Status Selector: Fixed Status change actions for Cancel & Complete, which were reversed.
    • Date Controls: Made text darker when in non-editable mode.
    • Consolidated Completion tasks into a single dialog and added finalize dates option.
    • Kiting Specs: Rebuilt system and fixed several bugs.
  • Enterprise Settings: List Manager: Fixed issue with Up and Down buttons not working.

  • My Settings: Proposal Terms: Fixed problem in loading Enterprise version of Proposal Terms.

  • Main Application:

    • Added error pop-up if Table Updates fail to reach server.
    • Added date color coding to Job List reports.
    • Added support for ISO Currency Codes.
  • Document Preview:

    • Fixed issue where previously viewed documents appeared in the preview after sending email.
    • Upgraded to version 20
    • Made Preview a static to reduce number of panel start ups.
    • Added error logging on/off switches.
    • Improved speed and reliability.
  • Export System:

    • Added support for exporting Item data with Jobs.
    • Added support for exporting Cost data with Jobs.
    • Added options for splitting header and line item data.
    • Added ability to add constant values to columns.
    • Enhanced formatting options.

January 2018

New Features

  • RateCard Price Insertion for non-standard quantities.

    • When inserting Supplier cost amounts from RateCards for non-standard quantities the system now automatically calculates a price based on the nearest two RateCard Price Points.
    • There are two calculation method options (See Graphic):
      • Use the Unit Cost Rate of the lower Price Point where total is lower than the higher Price Point cost (Default).
      • Use the Average Unit Cost between the two Price Points.
    • The calculation method may be selected in the Enterprise Settings Window, Jobs & Projects tab The calculation method.
    • RateCard Price Insertion for Jobs is done through the RateCard Job Order Creator window Job Order Creator Window, which is accessed from:
      • The RateCard Manager Window, Create Job Order button.
      • The Job Master Window, Prices menu, Insert RateCard Prices menu item.
      • The Job Order Window, Add RC Line button
    • RateCard Price Insertion for Project Proposals is done through the "RateCard Quote Selector" which is accessed when adding RateCard Pricing to a Proposal Line Item Rate Card Quote Selector.
  • Several improvements were made to the "RateCard Quote Selector" Rate Card Quote Selector:

    • The lowest bid amount for each Quantity is highlighted.
    • The Selections table shows the Supplier for the prices that have been selected.
    • When the Selection Grid contains a Quantity not on the RateCard, a cost calculation is made for the Supplier selected at that quantity.
    • The window is resizable so large RateCard grids can be viewed.
  • RateCard Price Information can now be Exported to and Imported from tab-delimited text files.

    • This makes it easier to edit and update prices in existing RateCards.
  • The Job List and Order List now use yellow highlighting to draw attention to Jobs that have received new Bid data from Suppliers.

  • The Project List now uses yellow highlighting to draw attention to Projects that have recently been Ordered by Customers.

Incremental Changes and Fixes

  • A problem with Shipping data getting erased after inserting RateCard prices into Jobs has been fixed.

  • A problem with erratic Zoom levels on the document preview panel has been fixed.

  • Page Numbering has been switched on by default for PDF documents created in P3Source.

  • Several Windows have been engineered to open quickly to show the user progress while slower data processing and loading tasks are going on. These Include:

    • The Project Manager Window.
    • The Document Preview Window.
    • The P3Connect Browser Window.
  • The Application Start Up process has been streamlined so the Main Application window opens more quickly:

    • Data Table loading happens in multiple parallel background processes.
    • The Job, Project and RateCard lists will remain blank until their respective data tables are loaded.
  • The Application Shut Down process has been streamlined so the Main Application window closes more quickly.

    • Caching data out to local storage is now done using multiple parallel background processes.
    • The caching process is done after terminating display of the Application window.

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