2022-06 Features and Enhancements:

  • Fixed "Discard Changes" button works correctly in form builder.

  • Form Headers:

    • No longer show in forms list as if they were forms.
    • Attach to form templates at the proper level.
  • When the admin changes a sub-site uri the level of associated forms are also updated with the new name.

  • Drag and drop persistance fixed for form builder.

2022-03 Features and Enhancements:

  • Customer Suummary by site report gives total user counts for each sub site of the enterprise.

  • Ability to change sub-site name (uri) via General Site Settings tab of site configuration.

  • Improvements to internal commenting in code lending to ease of future maintenance

  • Enhance initialization functionality for new enterprise group on it's admin welcome page.

  • Update Job Status to Order Accepted

    • Update Job Status to Order Shipping / Order Delivered
    • Add "notice will go to: " to accept process or "was sent to"
    • Customer Email: Show Address and Message Box. Log in Job/Project.
  • Forms editor now shows headers as well as forms

    • The forms are grouped by the sites each form belongs to.
    • The capability to revert to default header or use a custom header.
  • Search parameters now persist when searching on the user or project list pages and then leaving those pages.

  • Users are directed to the login page with encouraging message when a previous login attempt fails.

  • Major face lift to the user information page including additional information and better graphic design.

Bug Fixes:

  • Drop list with other fixed. The form element that provides a droplist with an 'other' option and an accompanying text field for the user to type more info about the 'other' choice validates properly when soemthing is typed in the 'other' field buy no drop choice has been selected.

  • Fixed permissions for Supplier pages to require proper authentication.

  • The Sync Sales Rep function no longer crashes when presented with an enterprise without a default salesrep.

  • Fixed error rendering a header for a project with a sales rep email containing angle brackets.

  • Exit gracefully when a viewer attempts to view a project specification but is not logged in.

  • The Sales Reps no longer get duplicated on each edit of a project specification form.

  • Saving a project specification form no longer attempts to assign a role to a customer when no customer has been specified.

  • Fixed input problem with numeric inputs of amounts that require commas.

  • Interpret a space in a quantity field as being the 0 value.

Software maintenance:

  • Improvements to some database tables for better date tracking
  • The form headers are now stored in the database instead of in discrete xml files.
  • Change the method of building a list of form templates
  • Improvements and new versions of underlying technologies were installed.

2021-12 Features and Enhancements:

[142] - Rebuild Form Admin header management page enterprise level header Site level headers all on one list. move both enterprise and site level headers to database.

[168] - Enhance look and feel of User profile page. Including better use of white space Titles conforming to standard on other pages. Colors and branding. Direct access to edit functionality on the page.

[171] - Enhanced specification form editor for enterprise admins. Header configurations on a site level managed in database. All CRUD functions implemented for header sections. Forms list more granularized by being managed at site level instead of from form metadata. More detail information per line item

[178.179] - Upgraded to latest Laravel 8 from work with recent PHP release 7.4

[29] - Required Droplists w/ Other text field insist on a value if Other option selected.

[172] - New enterprises set default site and enterprise owner values on first visit to portal.

Bug Fixes:

[148] - Circular reference was causing problem with var_export() in a logging function.

[155] - A project detail page would have a system error when viewed by a user who was not logged in.

[157] - Salesrep section of the form getting duplicates of the salesrep id appended to the form.

[158] - Handle the case where a form is saved for a customer who has an blank customer index

[161a] - Added additional navigation to all pages that branch from the Project or User lists

[161b] - Added searching of Users List by site.

[162] - When a user fails authentication, redirect them to the login page.

[163] - Supplier Portal: Shipments: numeric input with commas dropping everything after the comma.

[174] - When one or more spaces are entered into a multitext field this causes an fault in rendering the blade

2021-06 Features and Enhancements:

Project List Search:

  • Refactored Search controls to enhance accessibility and ease of use.

Project Page Headers:

  • There is a new Summary on page headers with additional data

Project File Attachments:

  • Currently limited to 20 files so give users a notice when they hit the limit.
  • When a file gets uploaded, after the project is submitted associate files with project
  • On Copy Project, File Attachments from Original Project cannot be deleted.

Forms Manager:

  • copying/duplicating forms error copies to wrong form level
  • File Upload Controls: Not adding files to Project and Job Attachments list
  • Incorrect file attachment URLs on duplicate specs.
  • Duplicate Form function: gives error page after entering the new form name.
  • Copy Project: Attaching Files before Save-As-Draft does not save the new attachments.
  • Change edit of header_form so edit is only option for owner, salesrep and custrep
  • Group Control: Removed Required option in control settings.
  • List: Move Function


  • For User with role of sales rep, the sales rep selector should not have other choices.
  • If a CSR edits a form, CSR should default to this user.
  • The SalesRep field: Help text does not seem to be modifiable always says "Sales Rep" in text.

Mail Functions:

  • An admin user when sending an invitation: CC person submitting request if not the same as admin email.
  • Submit Form: Improved email exception handling.

Bug fix:

  • project menus, Empty sales_reps.index field causes select.blade.php to crash
  • Gear Menu: Make email Production Manager option available to Enterprise Users

Project List:

  • properly insert customer_contact user into customer datatable on save of draft
  • Customer Email: Displays original customer email after change.
  • Allow Sales Reps to view all projects in their home site.

New Project Form Selection:

  • Hide Inactive forms.
  • Modifications to row presentations

Proposals Ordering:

  • Gear Icon Menu: Items do not show text in menu list.

June 2020

Enterprise Admin Section

  • CC User Invitations to the Project Requestor if they are not the site Administrator.
  • Made menu item "Email Production manager" available to enterprise users.
  • New feature in enterprise configuration settings allow an admin to selectively enable:
    • Project owner selection,
    • Sales Rep selection,
    • Customer Service Rep selection.
  • Enabling a selector will place it in all form headers.

Project Owner selection support:

  • New Project Owner selector automatically placed in the form header when enabled.

Sales Reps selection support:

  • New Sales Rep selector automatically placed in the form header when enabled.
  • New Sales Rep selector defaults to user if they are a Sales Rep.
  • The Sales Rep title is customizable and will be reflected where ever this role is used. Notably in the help text and form labels.
  • Fix bug that caused Sales Rep field to be empty under certain select edge cases.

Customer Service selection support:

  • New Customer Service Manager selector automatically placed in the form header when enabled.
  • New Customer Service Manager selector defaults to user if they are a CSR.
  • CSR selector in header is a customizable option in the enterprise configuration options.


  • New Project Forms no longer show inactive forms.
  • Copy Project Forms handle file attachments properly.
  • HTTP 404 error when clicking on “profile” breadcrumb is fixed to show user profile.

March 2020

New Project Form List:

  • Modified processing of Forms to improve loading speed.

Super User Admin:

  • Added option to suppress Login and Registration links.
    • Implemented on unauthenticated pages including Proposal Ordering page.

Enterprise Admin: Users List: Search Bar:

  • Added “Customer Service“ option to search by Role list.
  • Fixed Pagination Problem: New Users List pages retain search and sort selections.

Specification Forms:

  • Date/Time controls now default to 12 Noon (instead of midnight).

Added Owner Selector control:

  • Shows in Form Header section of forms.
  • Works on Specification Drafts, New Specifications and Form Header Editor.
  • Added on/off option to Configure Site / General Settings / Configuration panel.

Changed Sales Rep Selector control:

  • Shows only when Sales Rep workflow is on.
  • Shows in Form Header instead of its own section.
  • Works on:
    • Specification Drafts,
    • New Specifications,
    • Form Header Editor.
  • Labels use P3Source Enterprise Sales Rep label setting.
  • Sales Rep list shows only P3Connect Sales Reps assigned to the site/sub-site.

Modified Buttons and Labeling:

  • Shows buttons at both top and bottom of forms.
  • Edit mode:
    • Relabeled “Save“ => “Save As Draft“.
  • Review Mode:
    • Relabeled “Submit“ => “Submit for Quote“.
    • Added “Project List“ button.
    • Blue Info Box: Corrected to show P3Source Sales Rep label and Sales Rep for Project.

Submit to P3Source:

  • Fixed Job Status problem: Now sets status to “Planning”, not “Bids Requested”.
  • Fixed Job Numbering problem: No longer reverts settings to 10 character zero-filled.

Project List:

  • Fixed Pagination Problem: New Project List pages retain search and sort selections.

January 2020

Sales Response:

  • Modified to display custom list of Cancellation Reasons when present in Enterprise settings.