Performance Tracking


The supplier performance tracking features in P3Source tracks several pieces of data relating to supplier performance. This includes: Bid response time, planned vs. actual schedules, planned vs. actual budgets, an overall quality rating and performance comments.

Data Collection

In general, the collection of performance data requires as little user intervention as possible. Some data is gathered automatically and, in other cases, users are prompted to enter data during key transition points.

Bid response times are measured automatically between the time an RFQ is sent out and when a supplier submits a response or prices are manually entered.

Planned and actual schedule dates are also initialized automatically. When the job status changes from "Awarded" to "Ordered", the current job schedule gets recorded as the "Planned" schedule. Since this status change is triggered when the work order is emailed to a supplier, the "planned" schedule will reflect what is sent to the supplier in the work order.

Both the "Planned" and "Actual" date fields are shown on the job master screen once the job is ordered. These actual dates can be modified as events change during job production. The planned dates can also be modified, but a warning will prompt the user to confirm that they really want to change the recorded plan.

Production Quality evaluation data is collected when the job status is changed to "Complete". At that time, a quality evaluation dialog is triggered, prompting the user to make a quality evaluation. This evaluation can also be made manually through the Job Notes dialog, Job Performance Tab.

Quality data consists of two components. Selecting one of 5 evaluation statements (each statement has a numeric value or grade) and an optional quality comment. The evaluation statement is intended to quickly identify jobs where performance either fell short of, met, or exceeded expectations. In these cases, it is expected that the user will document any pertinent information in the comments area.

Budget and Actual cost figures are not automatically captured and must be entered through the Job Notes dialog interface. Purchase order cost is recorded as part of the ordering process on the "Job Ordering" screen.


Reporting for individual jobs is handled as options for the Job Notes report. The Bidding section of the report has bid turnaround times shown with the price data. The schedule, cost and quality performance information is also included in a special "Performance" section of the job notes report.

Aggregate reporting on supplier performance is handled through the reports module, where several new reports are now listed:

  • Supplier Summary - includes a summary section on schedule and quality performance for each selected supplier(s) and job set.
  • Supplier Bid Performance - shows and summarizes bid turnaround times for the selected supplier(s) and job set.
  • Supplier Performance - shows and summarizes schedule and overall quality performance for the selected supplier(s) and job set.
  • Supplier Budget Performance - Shows and summarizes the budget, purchase order and actual cost fields for the selected supplier(s) and job set.

Licensing Requirements

These supplier performance features are not available for users on the ‘Basic’ license plan. Supplier performance tracking is available, at no extra cost, with our ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ licenses.