Disaster Recovery

Operations Infrastructure

P3Software currently has "production servers" operating in three (3) physically separate locations: Chicago, IL, Vienna,VA and Sydney NSW Australia. Each of these servers can host P3 System customer data files.

The P3Software Administrative Database which is used to administer licenses, send email communications and receive RFQ responses operates on the Main Administrative Hub Server. Currently the Chicago, IL server serves as the main administrative hub. Each of the other "Production Servers" is configured so that they could operate as the P3Software administrative hub.

Data Back-Ups

All P3 System enterprise customers data folders are backed up daily and transferred to a designated "Back-Up" server.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a catastrophe at one data center, the back up files would be used to create customer NetPlus enterprise groups on one of the "Production" servers at a different location. The relocated NetPlus groups would then be reconfigured to get their data from the new server. Users in each group would then start receiving data from the new server location.

If the P3Software Licensing and Administrative server goes down, a similar procedure goes into place. In this case the database and operating scripts would transfer to another "Production Servers". The "P3Software.com" domain registration would also need to be updated to point to the new server.