December 2019

New Project: Request Form: Header

  • Fixed Internet Explorer Bug where header section was not displaying properly.

November 2019

New Projects: Form Selection:

  • Adjusted Image-click zoom to show images at native size rather than standard size thumbnail.

Form: Customer Selection:

  • Fixed bug where New Customer tab/option was not displaying for Customer Service users.

September 2019

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

Copying Specifications:

  • Fixed error that occurred when the original Spec Form had been deleted.

Project Submitted to P3Source function:

  • Eliminated assignment of random SalseRep if no Sales Rep is on the form.
  • Fixed alignment and format of some Spec elements (drop lists) in confirmation emails.
  • Eliminated display of Form Element labels if no value was submitted in the Element.
  • Adjusted to set P3Source Job Status to "Planning".

Sales Proposal Response function:

  • Generates an email to the Sales Manager and Project Owner.
  • Saves response comments for future reporting.
  • Fixed daily batching of follow ups.
  • Added results email for Sales Manager with daily batch report.
  • Added identification of Proposals with no Sales Rep to email to.
  • Added storage of Last Comment and Last Response Action for reporting

Administration Spec Forms mover function:

  • Fixed problems with function, trapped many potential errors.
  • Added option to Forward after completion to the Destination forms list.
  • Cleaned up UI, added better labeling
  • Removed Supplier site and Origin site from list of destinations to move to.

Project Home Page:

  • Modified UI style to be consistent with rest of site.

Project Notes & History Page

  • Modified sections to expand automatically if they contain text.