Flexi Specs

Purpose & Function

The Flexi Spec is designed to give the user as much flexibility as possible in creating print specifications. And, since it is so flexible it is not limited to just print. What Flexi-Spec does is simple: it gives you space to create free-form text job specifications. You can copy and paste specifications from other programs or emails into the Flexi-Spec. Flexi-Spec also comes with a template tool. You can insert spec texts from existing templates into the Flexi-Spec window. And, of course, you can store what you have written as a template for use on other jobs. There are four templates for any type of specification.

Using Flexi-Spec

To use Flexi-Spec to write up job specs, simply select "Flexi-Spec" on the Job Spec Type option list on the Job Master window. Double click on the General Specifications or Shipping & Mailing sections, and the spec window will become editable. Three new Template Management buttons will appear below the spec window. They are:

Get Template - provides four editable templates - "P3 Basic Copy Shop", "P3 Basic Envelopes", "P3 Basic Large Format Prints" and "P3 Basic Offset Printing". These templates are included to assist you. Highlight a template selection and click the Insert button (or double click on the selection).

NOTE: You may insert text from multiple templates. If a template typed text is already displayed and you add another template, the text will be added to the end of the existing text.

Save As Template - Once a template has been edited, you might want to change the template name by clicking this button and renaming it. It will now be displayed in the Get Template list. There are a number of ways to create a template. Any existing template can be edited. You can also create a template from scratch by starting with a blank display screen, build a template then click the Save As Template button. Another way is to again start with a blank display screen and paste a template in from another program. For instance, if you have developed templates in Word, just copy from Word and paste into the display screen, click the Save as Template button and name the template.

Manage Templates - Click this button to rename or delete a template. Highlight the template and click the Rename or Delete button. To remove a template from the job display screen without deleting it, you need to click and drag your mouse over and highlight all the text and use the "Enter", "Delete" or "Backspace" keys on your keyboard. This way the template will be removed from the display screen but will not be affected in any other way.